"How I Met & Fell In Love With Muyiwa Ademola 13 Years Ago" The Actor's Wife Speaks On Their Marriage

As the Yoruba adage goes, behind every succesful man, there's always a beautiful, prayerful woman and such is the story of star actor, Muyiwa Ademola's wife, Omolara.

The Ondo state born woman is the beautiful wife of Muyiwa better known as 'Authentic' as fondly called by his fans. She met the actor exactly 13 years ago in Abeokuta through her friend's friend who linked the lovers up before they fell in love.
They dated for four years before they got married 9 years ago and the union has been with wonderful kids (Boys and Girls).
When being asked how she got to know her husband; Omolara said: I actually got to know him through a friend's friend who introduced me to him and we started talking from there. It was a love at first sight.
Asked how he copes marrying a busy actor like him, Omolara reveals it's been God, it has not been busy. It takes only the grace of God to be successful in the marriage. He is always at movie locations. At times we only see each other like twice a week but we do talk a lot on phone and that is why I said it hasn't been easy. But thank God for communication, we talk time to time on phone.

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