Man Who Beheads Woman Finally Confesses Says; I Sacrificed Human Head As Advised By Mad Woman [Photo]

20 year old identified as Emmanuel Effiong has said he beheaded a woman at Aba Park on instructions given to him by a mad woman, who allegedly advised him to throw a human head into a river or he would go mad.

Effiong made the confession in the custody of the police, he said: "I gave a mad woman money one day in Aba and she told me to look for a skull or human head and throw inside a river or I will go mad.
One morning, when I saw a lifeless body in front of the park, I decided to cut off the dead woman’s head for the exercise. I threw the head into the Aba River to remain a normal person."
The Commissioner of Police in the state, Mr. Adeleye Oyabade, who confirmed the arrest of the suspect, said he confessed to the crime.

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