Meet Veteran Yoruba Actor, Aina Gold's Beautiful Wife Who Just Celebrated Her 50th Birthday [Photos]

As the popular Yoruba adage goes, behind every successful man, there's a wonderful, beautiful woman. In  the Nollywood movie industry today, actor Aina Gold is one of the richest Yoruba actors if not the richest.

Aside from acting, he has lot of investments that speaks volume for itself. He however has a woman that's always by his side in whatever he dazzles into and that no other person than his beautiful wife, Aina Olabimpe Olajumoke.
She's the chairman of board of directors of a private school called B-Gold group of schools, she's also an assistant head at one Public school in Lagos state.
Olajumoke is reported to be a quiet and well reserved woman. She recently clock 50 years of age.

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