Shocker! Lagos Landlady Storms Tenant Pastor's House For Her Money & What She Found Would Shock You [Photo]

According to reports, an angry Lagos landlady decided to storm into the apartment of one of her tenant who is a pastor to collect the money he was owing her but when she got there, what she found is quite shocking.

The landlady took the steps after numerous failed attempts to get arrears of rent that had accumulated for over a year from the man. The woman stormed into the house and found a full dried skeleton sitting on the sofa with clothes still on the bones.
According to reports from neighbors, the Pastor's sister used to stay withhim until she went missing 6 years ago and whenever they ask of her, the pastor would say she's at mountain or give some other excuses.
The woman was reported to have ran out of the house and screamed, calling on people in the neighborhood for help. The case has been reported to the Ogun State Police Command.

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