Imagine This Guy Dresses & Make-up As Female Prosti*tute To Rob Men At Night Clubs [Photo]

The guy pictured above has been arrested for parading himself as a female prostit*ute who rob men at night clubs. He has since been arrested by the Police.

According to reports, the young man, who reffered to himself as "Grace" has been extorting money and other valuables from men in clubs after seducing them.
His luck however ran out after a man who paid for his se*x services at a local bar had taken the male disguised prostitute to a hotel room for fun only to discover the prosti*tute was not a woman.
The guy has wore a wig, with make-up and also walked like a woman before his cover blown up.
A mob had attempted to lynch him before he was rescued by the police and has been staying there for his own safety.

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