See List Of Nigerian Pastors That Might Make You Stop Going To Church, No 2 Will Really Shock You + Scaring Photos

It is sad to the point that some Nigerian so called ministers of christ have chosen to drag God's name in the mud. Most men of God this days don't really call the name of God, they fulfil things while delving into fetish and delvish acts. 
Its only sad that you begin to wonder if all men of God are real, there are sure real men of God. 
However we bring to you top 5 Nigerian pastors that have being caught once with their evil acts. 
                             SEE THEIR PHOTOS + LITTLE DETAILS BELOW:

1) Pastor caught with human meat and fetish items
This so called man of God, Pastor Adeniyi Johnson of the Living Faith Church better known as Winner Chapel was caught red-handed with human meat and some other fetish items. So sad!
2) Pastor who turns little girls to se*x machine
This pastor pictured above, the General Overseer of Tongue of Fire Ministry, located at Shogunle, Lagos, Pastor was caught sleeping with little girls offering to pay for their school fees after the evil act.
3) Pastor caught Na*ked with married woman and made to walk all around in only pa*nts
Prophet Obi O. of the Anchor of Restoration Church at Delta state was caught all na*ked ready to do it with a married woman.
He was being exposed to the world and made to walk around holding banner of his church in only pa*nts.
4) Pastor buries cow heads, tortoise, fetish activities in church
Pastor Moses Abiodun of CAC, Agbala Dagunduro in Ondo state was accused of being fetish with his ministerial work, he denied at first but hell let loose when Government officials storms his church and ask him to dig out his evil deed. Pictured above is what he is doing.
5) Ota Pastor chains 9-year-old son after starving him for days
This celestial chruch of christ Pastor Taiwo was arrested by the Police for starving his very own son accusing him of possessing evil spirit.

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