So Sad! Heartbreaking Story Of How 'Amala Meal' Kills Mother, Three Children and Two Neighbors In Kogi

So sad, six people which includes the mother, three children and two of their neighbors on Tuesday said their goodbye to the world in Ogaminana area of Okene in Kogi after eating a meal made from cassava flour, popularly known as 'amala'.

According to reports, the mother had bought some cassava flour (white amala) from her farmland at Ohuepe village, next day the woman prepared the cassava flour for her family and even extended the meal to their neighbor.
The victims later went to bed but developed severe stomach pain over the night which later resulted in the death of the woman and two of her children.
The victims were however rushed to Okene General Hospital where they all died before the next morning.
It was reported that the cassava flour was poisoned and had informed the police for appropriate action.
May their soul rest in peace.....

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