Shocking! Meet The 33 Year Old Vir*gin Lady Who Wants To Keep Her Vir*gin*ity Till 50 & Unmarried [Photos]

This Kenyan woman, Rahab Mugure Nga'nga is among the few women or only person who are still proud of their virginity despite her very old age.

The 33-year-old commercial service manager has maintained her purity for the last 3 decades and is still going on strong.
Rahab speaking on her vir*gin*ity, said she has kept her virginity because of her religious belief and desire to please her God.
She revealed that even though she was involved in two serious long term relationship which unfortunately ended badly, she has remained a vir*gin
Rahab who has graduated with both a Bachelors and Master's Degree in Marketing says even if she turns 50 without getting married, she will remain a vir*gin and maybe adopt a baby.

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