Ramsey Nouah reveals the sad part of Nollywood.

Ramsey Nouah reveals the sad part of Nollywood.

In a recent interview, the Veteran Nigerian Movie Guru, Ramsey Nouah has revealed the Difference between past nollywood movies and recent ones.

He revealed that the new actors don't act with passsion and that they are acting for money unlike when he started his acting career.

He said; “Back then I realise there was so much passion, Everyone was acting not for the money but for the love of it. But today I see so many people just wanting to jump in for fame.

“When we started, when we did understudy, cinematography, filmmaking, acting, for us it was all about the passion. Like can you draw? Can you put a picture together? And if you can, you’ll realise that you weren’t doing it for money.

“You’d just have this joy from doing it.”

“However, our stories are not as deep as they used to be. Because if you notice, everyone was acting out of serious passion but now everyone just wants to be like uptown boy, uptown girl. And that’s just the sad part.”

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