See What A Woman Got After Ordered Online

See What A Woman Got After Ordered Online

A 25 year old woman who ordered a designer bag online was left confused after she opened the package delivered to her.

The woman from Thai reportedly went to the police to complain that she ordered a 37,000 baht (about $1,125) second hand brand name bag online but got something else instead.

According to her, when she opened the package she got two plastic bottles with Kung Fu Panda on it.

Panhathai Lertsin-udom had ordered the bag through “brandname_Oa” and said she transferred the money to the account of Ratanawalee Somneuk.

But after this she noticed several suspicious things like the Line name being constantly changed.

But when delivery firm Kerry told her that she had a package she was temporarily relieved.

Until she opened the package to find the plastic bottles.  Police are now investigating the incident.

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