The Student Of Bowen University Have Staged A Protest Over Drug Test

The Student Of Bowen University Have Staged A Protest Over Drug Test

Students of Bowen University at Iwo, Osun State have staged a protest over drug test from the directive management.

The management insist that the students who are causing this havoc must face the disciplinary action. Some videos from one of the student on the first floor of the boys's hostel went viral that the Vice-Chancellor had suspended over 200 students, including those who did not take the drug test.

Bowen University Registrar, Dr Kayode Ogunleye said the videos were false. He added that the 200 students were suspended for avoiding the drug tests.

He said, “I don’t know where people got the report that a hostel was set on fire. You can come and visit the university and see if any of our hostels caught fire.

“People started posting all sorts of things online. You know what people do with cameras these days. Of course, fire may be burning somewhere and then they juxtaposed it with a building and one could see smoke.”

He also said that the University had enforced a drug test on Certain students, some of whom he said refused to comply.

Ogunleye added, “There wasn’t any fire in the boy’s hostel. But there were some skirmishes and reactions from some students, who were supposed to face disciplinary action; a mattress was set on fire, and not the hostel.

“Some students were supposed to face disciplinary action for their misbehavior in the university and they did not want to face it, so they were trying to stir up arguments and crisis so that the university would not be able to punish them.

He said those that were suspended are not up to 40 not 200.

“Some refused to do the drug test and some did it and they tested positive to unauthorised substances. The matter has since been resolved. 

“The school has called the parents of those affected and they had to go home with their parents. There isn’t any issue beyond that.

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