Prof Wole Soyinka Was Asked To Get Up From A Flight Seat By Young Nigerian Man

Prof Wole Soyinka Was Asked To Get Up From A Flight Seat By Young Nigerian Man

This is the account of how a young Nigerian man asked Nobel Laureate Prof Wole Soyinka to vacate a seat for him..................

''@professorwolesoyinka#celebrategreatness#relationshipsmatter met one of the greatest Nigerians walking the earth today and as with other times, he was genteel, witty, forthright and humble. My smile gives me away as he permitted the picture whereas he would have preferred to get back to his newspapers. 

Then we boarded the flight and after assisting him with his bags, he took the window seat and promptly started reading again. 

A few minutes later this young man, baseball cap, t-shirt to show his muscled chest and tattooed biceps boards the plane and tells Prof he is on his seat (which he was).

 Those of us including the cabin crew tried to reason with Bobo Fine to let the old man be but the chap refused. He insisted Prof should vacate his window seat, which the old man quietly did for his original aisle seat next to him. 

I couldn’t understand how we got to this point where we no longer have respect for elders, even if are so ignorant of the great global personalities in our midst. Is it too much to ask that an elderly man be allowed to remain in a seat allotted to you in the same business class cabin and the same row? 
Na wa o!''

In Germany once an old person enters a Bus or a train and there is no empty seat,people give up their seats to make sure they seat..I have never really asked if it is a must but the love with which they do it is awesome.
Over the weekend i was abroad and decided to take the Bus so that my Bambinis could look around...The bus was so full with no empty seat but a nice young man gave up his seat for
What he did was not wrong but he could have let the old prof take the seat...costs nothing!!!

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