Finally! Mike Bamiloye Speaks On The Condition Of The Health Of Fellow Evangelist, Isreal Adewole

Finally! Mike Bamiloye Speaks On The Condition Of The Health Of Fellow Evangelist, Isreal Adewole

For certain days now, there have been posts on social media on the failing wellbeing of gospel actor and movie producer Isreal Adewole who used to be part of the Mount zion films ministry.

In the trending news, it was stated that Israel Adewole needed a huge sum of money to set out on an operation to fix his vocal cord.

Evangelist Mike Bamiloye has now loaned his voice to the issue following messages from fans to do as such.

Read post below:

I Have received several calls from within and outside NIGERIA asking to confirm the health status of Our Dear Brother, EVANG. Israel Ore Adewole, a very devoted drama evangelist who have been in the service of the Lord since 1985, working tirelessly in the ministry of Drama Evangelism both in Nigeria and in some West African countries, before he developed the health issue since 2016.

I have received a lot of message and calls asking if the issue of the Voice defect is TRUE OR SCAM. And I have been giving then a confirmation answer one on one. But I need to categorically Confirm through this platform that IT IS TRUE that Evang. Israel Ore Adewole was diagnosed with Retrostrenal Goitre in 2016 and in the process of surgery, the vocal cord was damaged, resulting in loss of his voice.

And it is true that Yes, he once gave testimony WITH the same Voice, that the Lord has done it, some times ago, Yes, but the problem relapsed again and we strongly believe that the Lord can give him a perfect healing at last.

So the next Surgery which is a Corrective one shall take place very shortly, and we so much believe the Lord God to work through this Corrective Surgery to give Evang. Israel Ore-Adewole a perfect Healing of his Voice back again.

We so much thank all those the Lord has used to make various Contributions and the Group (Gospel Film News, GFN) the Lord used to initiate a Contribution Platform.

The Contributions has gone One-Third (1/3).

And Two-Third (2/3) yet to go.

Our Faith is not in the Doctors and the Surgery for his Perfect Healing, but our faith is in the Lord God who called him into His Service and anointed him to serve.

We believe the Lord God will do it.

He raised the Dead Body of Lazarus to life after 4 days, this is very small for Him do.

ALL Contributions are not a waste. They are SEED into a Soil of Love, and the Lord is a Rewarder of those who diligently serve Him.

Therefore, we join our faith together with our Bro, EVANG. Israel Ore-Adewole’s Faith to believe that: HE SHALL BE HEALED PERFECTLY.

He shall stand on drama stage again to do what he has been called to do.

We trust the Lord God, that he will still act many gospel drama and make many gospel movies.

“Many are the Affliction of the Righteous, but the Lord delivers him from them all,

He guide all his bones, Not one of them is broken”

(Psalms 34:19-20)


WHATEVER THE LORD HAS LAID IN YOUR HEART IS WELCOMED, towards the up coming Surgery that has been estimated to cost $60,000. And 1/3 is gotten already, just about 60% of this is being waited for. 

A minimum of N1,000 or $5 or £5 is what is required of each of us.

Please, Kindly Pay Your Donation into this Bank Account:


NO: 0042002161






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