Late Moji Olaiya’s Daughter Shares New Photos Ahead Of 21st Birthday

Late Moji Olaiya’s Daughter Shares New Photos Ahead Of 21st Birthday

The first beautiful daughter of Moji Olaiya, a Nollywood actress, who died in 2018, Adun Farombi, will be 21 soon and she has begun uploading sexy photos of herself on her Instagram page.
Adun, who has a hitting likeness with her late mum, graduated from Babcock University last year!

Before her death in Canada, where she went to have her second baby, Moji Olaiya, a well known Nollywood Yoruba actress, who was one of the children of Victor Olaiya, married Adun’s father but divorced him.

She gave marriage a second chance after her failed first marriage but again, it hit the rocks. The explanation this time, the late actress revealed, was on the grounds her daughter was not comfortable with the man and the marriage.

The action commenced the single parenting lifestyle of the actress, who doted on her teenage daughter. The two were a thing and Moji never concealed the way that she cherished her daughter, Adun.

Adun’s birthday, which consistently falls on February 25, was constantly celebrated on social media by her late mum however Adun has since moved on since her demise.

Adunola currently lives with her grandma (Moji’s mum) in Magodo and they are taking good care of the baby girl left behind by the late actress.

Check out Adun’s recently released photos below:

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