"Shoutout To A Barrister That Married A Prophet" - Woli Agba As He Celebrates His 8th Wedding Anniversary With Wife (Photos)

"Shoutout To A Barrister That Married A Prophet" - Woli Agba As He Celebrates His 8th Wedding Anniversary With Wife (Photos)

Woli Agba, who took to Instagram to reveal his difficult start said his wife, Olaife was discouraged by her friends not to marry him. As indicated by him, they needed an attractive man but he was a struggling young man who threw mattress on the floor without good looks.

The couple, whose union is blessed with a boy, is celebrating God’s faithfulness despite the Coronavirus pandemic.

He also expressed how he wept uncontrollably on his wedding day because love vanquished everything that was against a splendid future for the couple.

He expressed, "Hi darling, it’s our wedding anniversary! @olori_olaifeayo .
Years back, on this great day, I had tears of Joy rolled down uncontrollably in my eyes. My handkerchief got soaked and she kept asking me as we were in front of the preacher, “honey, why are you crying this much”? I was crying because I was going to be getting a certificate of an institution I was just about entering. I was crying because I was happy looking at how crowded the church was and the love shown by everyone that came to graced our big day.

That day, was my day of turning point. You came in my life and showed me how lucky and graced I am to have chosen to settle down with you in Holy Matrimony. My girlfriend that came to visit me when I was putting my bed on the floor agreed to marry me. She stood against all discouraging challenges from friends that wanted a fine and handsome guy for her.

She was the only one seeing what no one was seeing. She fought it. She was so strong. She was always standing by my window side has an angel that has refused to leave me until I get blessed. She worked on the ugly guy. Now, see what the guy has become today…He Is NOW A HANDSOME PROPHET. .
My sweet baby, You are not just a figure head in my life. As gifted as I may seem to be, your strength is not a plus but a Multiplication. May God bless us and keep us going together on this Journey of forever. Shout out to A BARRISTER that married A PROPHET…lol
God bless our home and this new year. God alone deserves all the Glory. I am proud to be associated with Jesus. May God bless us and bless everyone around us. Glory and Honour be to God who makes all things beautiful and for HIS pleasure. 

The couple is blessed with a handsome boy.

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