Top 5 Beautiful Photos Of Actress Eniola Ajao Without Makeup.

Top 5 Beautiful Photos Of Actress Eniola Ajao Without Makeup.

Eniola Ajao is from Epe, she is a Nigerian actress, she has acted in numerous films. She is known for her dynamism and adaptability in acting.

Eniola  first role was in 2004 in a movie titled “Igba Aimo”. Other films she has acted include; Eniola, Erin Orin, Daramola. She also starred in the 2018 film The Vendor, produced by Odunlade Adekola. Eniola played the lead role of Yele Ara, released in December 2018.

She was nominated for Best Actress in a Supporting Role in a Yoruba-language film at the 2015 Best of Nollywood Awards, but she did not win the award. - Wikipedia

A various bits of gossip shared when Eniola Ajao and her boss, Odunlade Adekola were very closed that they are in a relationship, how she is not in a relationship with Odunlade Adekola.

In an interview Eniola Ajao revealed that;

“The relationship between my boss (Odunlade Adekola) and I, is that he is a boss and subordinate. I’ve known him for over 13 years and I have been in the industry for the over 15 years. I was somewhere before I went to school and came back to the industry, I met him in 2009 when I went to a location, I saw him and I went to him. I told him I Love is work that I would like to join his caucus, then he said he does not have a group in Lagos that his school is in Abeokuta. That all.

Below are some beautiful photos of Eniola without make up;

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