Gani Adam’s Wife Reveals How She Waited For 10 Years Before Having Her First Baby.

Gani Adam’s Wife Reveals How She Waited For 10 Years Before Having Her First Baby.

Nigerian social activist and politician, Chief Ganiyu Adams, with his wife, Ayimba Mojisola Adams, welcomed twins, a boy and a girl.

The wife of Aare Ona Kakanfo, Ayimba Adams recounted on the appearance of the twins. She revealed in a recent chat with Abiola Orisile that she has been waiting on the Lord for more than 10 years before she had her first child 6 years ago.

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How do you feel giving birth to twins?

I am extremely overwhelmed. It is not by my might or power. I wasn’t even expecting twins it at this age, but I thank God that he made it possible with ease. I am favoured. I give God the glory.

At what point did you know they were twins?

That was at 5 months.

How did Aare receive the news?

He was so happy and joyful. He said he had been told before. He said there was a prophecy about the twins and he had been expecting them for long. He said he was told we were going to have twins, while I was waiting. You know, I waited for 10 years before having my first child. He said he had been given the revelation many times before I even had my first child while waiting.

How was the journey, was it difficult?

God really helped me. It was when I was entering my 3rd trimester that Covid-19 started. So, from February, I wasn’t going to parties. I was just eating and sleeping so, I had enough rest.

How do you feel, do you have twins in the family?

Yes, my mum’s dad is Kehinde and my grandmother had 5 twins.

You said you waited, how was the journey?

It was a bitter-sweet experience, but I have a good husband, who gave me a shoulder to lean on. My first child came after 10 years, there was a hiatus before the 2nd and the 3rd came after 2-and-half years. So, for every waiting mother, I want to tell them, there is God and he will surely answer at the appropriate time. I want to tell them that it is worth the waiting.

What do you want to tell your friends?

I want to say thank you. In fact, this is a shout out Yeye Olanrewaju Batlan, I love you. My twinnie, Mrs Dosumu, Eagle Towers’ boss, Aderonke, Adenike Abimbola Secret, Yeye Asabi, Olori Akamo, Olori Omo and all. It is a long list. I want to say that I love you all.

How were you able to ensure that the naming crowd is small?

We have to make sure our guests are only 10. It is deliberate. Even these friends have to wash their hands at the entrance. We are abiding by the rules of Covid-19.

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