"If I Have To Be Rude To Him, I Would" Sola Kosoko Reveals How She Relates With Her Dad, Jide kosoko On Set, Her Husband Reactions.

"If I Have To Be Rude To Him, I Would" Sola Kosoko Reveals How She Relates With Her Dad, Jide kosoko On Set, Her Husband Reactions.

Popular actress, Sola Kosoko Abina has revealed how her father's name rubbed off well on her.

In an interview with Sunday Scoop, Sola noted that being the daughter of one of the most respected actors in Nollywood, Veteran actor Jide Kosoko often opens doors for her, 

“That I am the daughter of Jide Kosoko does make some people respect me more. However, it is my capacity as an actor to interpret roles that would determine if I would get jobs. Nobody would automatically give me a role because I am Jide Kosoko’s daughter. Yes, they would remember me but it is left to me to be able to interpret the role to the satisfaction of the director.

“If I am not able to interpret roles perfectly, people would not continue to offer me jobs. Yes, my father’s name has helped in a way but my ability and hard work have also got me roles. You should also note that some people would intentionally mistreat one just because one is Jide Kosoko’s daughter.”

On how she relates with her dad on set, Sola said, “Immediately I hear, ‘action’ from the director, I would ‘forget’ the fact that he is my father. Depending on his role, I would talk to him the way the script dictates. If he is someone I have to be rude to, I would be rude to him. And once I hear ‘cut’, we would then analyse our performances. I could tell him, ‘Daddy, your face looked funny when we were acting. You didn’t give me the response you were supposed to give’. And he would correct my mistakes as well.”

The mother of two likewise stated that her husband trusts her judgement when it comes to interpreting roles. “There is no serious pressure on me for being married except that my freedom could be a little curtailed.

“My husband has not told me not to take any role because he believes I know what I am doing. And whenever I get scripts that require me to act as a prostitute, I discuss it with my husband. If it doesn’t have to do with nudity or showing parts of my body, I don’t even have to discuss with him. Sometimes, I rehearse with him. I tell him to check my posture if I am standing like a real prostitute. And, if I don’t get it right, he would tell me. I am not limited to any particular kind of role except where I would have to act nude. If I am not required to act nude, I can play any role as a versatile actor.”

Shola additionally expressed that she was drama free since she decided not to expose her private life or that of her colleagues on social media. “We should learn to use social media for positive reasons and not the other way round,” she added.

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