Chubby Yoruba Actress, Eniola Badmus Cries Out That She Does Not Want To Be Fat And Unhealthy

Chubby Yoruba Actress, Eniola Badmus Cries Out That She Does Not Want To Be Fat And Unhealthy

Yoruba actress, Eniola Badmus revealed in an interview with punch that she does't want to get chubby and unhealthy.

While Eniola is someone who has always been proud to be a plus-size and never permitted her size to slow down her style, she has revealed that her target is to stay fat, attractive and healthy.

When Eniola was asked why she wants to loose weight at this time, she said;
“I didn’t initially decide to go on a weight loss journey; it chose me. It all started when I put up a post a while back about weight loss companies using slim people to promote their products and services. I told them to use me if truly their products work. A lot of them picked up the challenge but I was able to settle with the ‘deshapeables’. I decided to work with them because I like their plan and I hope it would work. “
The actress said she isn't scared if the weight loss would affect her, she said it was not in her plan to go slim, “In fairness, I really can’t tell if losing weight would help my brand because with or without losing weight, I’m Eniola Badmus. If this works, people would just see the new body on me. However, it’s not going to be a total transformation because I still want to be a chubby girl; not slim. The goal is to be chubby but sexier. Maybe like losing three sizes. People should not think that I would be a shadow of who they know. I’m only doing this because I want to. No matter how much we shout about body positivity, one would still have to be on a diet. One would have to watch what one eats and exercise.”

She added;

“I don’t want to be plus-size and unhealthy. I might not work-out like fitness enthusiasts but I try to keep fit. For clarity sake, I didn’t and don’t bend to societal pressure. I have a very thick skin and like to do whatever suites me at any particular time. The idea is to see what I would look like afterwards. There are some clothes I feel like wearing but can’t wear them till I lose weight. I still belong to the ‘fat girls association”.

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