Meet Janell The 3 Years Old Model, Daughter Of Actress Bukola Adeeyo. (Photos)

Meet Janell The 3 Years Old Model, Daughter Of Actress Bukola Adeeyo. (Photos)

Actress Bukola Adeeyo’s daughter, Janell has an effective impact online with the support of her mother, who has transformed her from being a regular kid to modelling as a fashion influencer for children in her category.

Janell, is Three Years old now. Considering the significant effort of her parents, she has been able to stand out as a child who would drive influence in fashion and glamour as she grows from stage to stage of her life.

Even her social media biography states that she is a fashion model and brand influencer.


Since the outburst of social media all over the world, Nigerians including celebrities have been exploring the marketing effect of branding on social media for themselves and their children.

As young as Janell is, she has an Instagram fan base of over 50,000 followers, and she's been able to engage them frequently with inspired sensational kid’s fashion in her media contents.

Janell's reputation to engage and convert sales through her platform keeps increasing, this as made her a significant figure to contact when brands are telling stories involving kids of her age.

Her mother, Bukola Adeeyo is a Nollywood actress who is known for movies including Soku Daye, Olaide Oyinlomo, Sunday Dagboru, Star girl and more.


She has acted alongside Odunlade Adekola, Segun Ogungbe, Madam Saje, Ronke Odusanya, Kolawole Ajeyemi and more.

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