"Kindly Humble Yourself, Stop Forming Busy Always" Actor Yomi Fabiyi Speaks On Why Artistes Fail In Business.

"Kindly Humble Yourself, Stop Forming Busy Always" Actor Yomi Fabiyi Speaks On Why Artistes Fail In Business.

Yomi Fabiyi, a popular Yoruba actor, has clarified why certain famous artists struggle and fizzle out into oblivion.

Most celebrities miss big gigs, as they ignore mails and dms, according to the actor.

In a talk with news man Gbolahan Adetayo Yomi made this clear.
Read all what he said below...

“If you emerge star, entertainer or rave of the moment through SOCIAL MEDIA like Instagram, Facebook or reality shows etc which of course must have been product of hardwork and grace, bless you but please remember tomorrow as a career person, picture yourself in 20years.

Your consistency in two decades from that angle ONLY will make you veteran, but veteran in what? Dear, kindly humble yourself, read your DMs, stop forming busy always, connect to opportunities that will take you to the grassroot and conventional careers opportunities. Some platforms will last forever, some can fizzle away anytime, selah.

And seriously, it will get to a stage soon, the fans will be so enlightened that they will stop judging us by timelines, open display, PDAs but how we manage people privately, our DMs or so. A lot us have ignored the fans in DMs for months but post everyday, naturally such attitude has defeated the primary purpose of these apps, again no business or brand do better to the maximum if it ignores or block room for FEEDBACKS. What impression are you selling to that person or corporate organisation?

Trust me guys, most honest but constructive criticisms, reviews go to DMs or Emails. Some DMs have the biggest job offers or opportunities but stardom or forming busy won’t let us see. Focus on DM will offer you more genuine platforms that you won’t require much “PACKAGING” to show progress. Let me remind you, these DMs will have stalkers, traps and EMOTIONAL blackmailers, caveat.

If you can’t read, get someone to manage it, only a handful will ignore DMs and still maximize their full opportunities, I mean very infinitesimal. If you read and reply 90%, you are in control and that is pass mark. Without the FANS, who are we, what is our talents? What is our packagings? Kindly reflect on this, I care about you guy. Bless your talent more.

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