"Lola Alao Had Fought Legal And Social Media Battles, Pls Reach Out To Her" Yomi Fabiyi Cries Out To His Colleagues.

"Lola Alao Had Fought Legal And Social Media Battles, Pls Reach Out To Her" Yomi Fabiyi Cries Out To His Colleagues.

Yomi Fabiyi, a famous Nollywood star, has admonished his colleagues and fans to please contact his Canadian-based colleague, Lola Alao.

On Friday, Yomi, who made this known in an emotional letter written on Instagram account, said he wanted to draw the industry 's attention to the exceptional and exemplary act his senior colleague, Lola Alao, is doing in relation to the late actress Aisha Abimbola, also known as Omoge Campus' two children.

 Yomi said he saw last-minute footage of late Aisha on her hospital bed with her kids and just one person, Lola Alao.

The actor said that due to the custody she accepted, Lola Alao has battled too many legal and social battles. He said that Lola stood up for these kids, so she has to be honored.

Below is all what he wrote:


I wish to draw the attention and consciousness of the industry to the extraordinary and examplary act a senior colleague Lola Alao is doing with regards to the two children Late Aishat Abimbola(Omoge Campus) left behind for her while dying on her sick bed in Canada few years back.

One of the pillars and backgrounds of the theatre and movie circle is CULTURE OF RESPECT, FAMILY VALUES, HONESTY and CORE PROFESSIONALISM. These are few of things that I saw when I came into the industry and made me want to stay.

I saw footage of Late Aisha's LAST MOMENT on her hospital bed with her children and just one person, Lola Alao. In her weakness and last breathe, she stares and faintly touch Lola Alao. Her silent words are of hope, prayer, optimism, gratitude towards her. I deduced she has no better option. I again saw the movie industry I fell in love with and admired.

Lola Alao had fought legal and social media battles because of this custody she accepted. She stood in for these kids; in sickness, in health, in plenty and others. This is an act that voluntarily we should celebrate OFFLINE and ONLINE. Sadly, Social Media is fast replacing true characters and it damaging bonds. The kind of relationships and what we use social media for now is getting boring to me, though am off that radar since if you notice.

On the scale of preference, Social Media was created to connect and bridge gap with our my fans and corporate world. My love, friendship, loyalty, respect and genuine relationships with majority of my colleagues are OFFLINE. This humanity by LOLA ALAO done to one of us is done for US all.

We celebrate or raise our voices on meriment or celebration when no risk or discomfort is involved. We then go quiet when one of us or family is humiliated, depressed & need a united voice online. To help or please others you must discomfort yourself. Humanity is the biggest RELIGION.

Can the industry return to the good days of love and culture of respect before social media, where family values and bond flourishes? Please REACH OUT TO LOLA ALAO in gratitude. Regards.

Yomi Fabiyi."

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