Checkout 5 Nollywood Actresses Who Shows Off Their Baby Bump During Pregnancy. (Photos)

Checkout 5 Nollywood Actresses Who Shows Off Their Baby Bump During Pregnancy. (Photos)

Most people hide their pregnancies, particularly their baby bumps during pregnancy, in the olden days. But when many have turned pregnancies and taken pictures of their baby bump into fashion, things have changed. 

Many individuals end up taking pictures of their baby bumps and revealing them to the world.

Below are some Nigerian celebrities with a baby bump.

1. Toyin Abraham

While speaking on her path to becoming a mother, Toyin Abraham noted that, unknowingly to her, her relationship with her husband led to her son Ire's pregnancy. Meanwhile, she begged God to give her a child as she got closer to clocking 40 years.

“You know how I have been wanting to get pregnant, I have prayed, taken Agbo, and done everything," she noted.

2. Regina Daniels

Actress Regina Daniels shared photos of herself as she gushed about her pregnancy. Posting the endearing maternity photos, Regina wrote;  “Motherhood is beautiful”.

3. Ruth Kadiri

She admitted that unexpectedly being pregnant after her marriage left her devastated, adding that she never wanted a pregnancy.

She noted that she felt her career would be affected by it.

"2019 came with more than a blessing. After my wedding I became pregnant, wasn’t sure I wanted a baby now, was so scared it will affect my career, was so scared I wouldn’t be a good mum. For unknown reasons I became depressed." she said.

4. Yvonne Jegede

Actress Yvonne Jegede while speaking about her journey to motherhood, said;

"Pregnancy brings a new meaning to the concept of beauty. It is a period of immense joy coupled with excitement. The feeling of carrying a little soul within you is magnificent. Every kick and every turn was as precious as every minute I hold my angel in my hands. I love you Xavier Jegede-Fawole." 

5. Mercy Johnson

In taking images of motherhood with her husband, Prince Okojie, Mercy Johnson said she was unable to describe the joy and peace that our new baby had brought.

“We’re having a baby ❤️❤️ I’ve always wanted 4 kids…. always. However, after 3 kids, I thought I had retired from the baby making business. So a while back, we found out we had a baby on the way.”

“I can’t explain the joy and peace expecting our new baby has brought, or the cravings for food that have followed. I get so emotional easily, in fact right now I’ve started crying from joy again.”

“I’m sharing this with you my family for life, hanging on since day 1, growing with my family and I and always showing all the love. I love you all right back. Baby Okojie 2020 getting ready❤️ God bless you all!!” Mercy said.

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