Jumoke Kehinde Commits Suicide After Being Suspended For Late Resuming At Work.

Jumoke Kehinde Commits Suicide After Being Suspended For Late Resuming At Work.

Jumoke Kehinde, a 23-year-old, committed suicide in her apartment in Kajola, Akure, Ondo State, after being suspended from work late last Thursday, December 31, 2020, for resuming work late.

At around 11 a.m., the deceased, who worked at a famous shopping mall in Akure, was handed a letter of suspension. After getting home, amid her mom's various efforts to pacify her, she was said to have begun crying.

Around 4pm, the mom was unable to get through again; so, she sent someone to search her and she was found shaking on the floor of her room while her body oozed with insecticide odor.

Jumoke was rushed to the hospital and medical doctors later pronounced him dead. At the morgue, her remains were deposited.

The manager of the organization, who simply named Taiwo, confirmed the incident and said that the deceased, along with some other staff members, had been suspended for late reporting to work last Thursday, but expressed his surprise that Jumoke could take her own life.

He said, “On that day, she was seen arranging her table getting ready for the day’s sales as she appeared happy, but she later left the mall around 11am after receiving the suspension letter.

“Around 4pm, a distress call was received in the office that she was not feeling fine. One of the management staff went to check on her. Jumoke was found on the floor of her room shivering, while her mouth smelled of the insecticide. No empty can of the substance was found anywhere as she was rushed to hospital. After some time at the hospital, she was pronounced dead.”

A colleague of the deceased, who pleaded anonymity, said after Jumoke was given the suspension letter, she went back home but never showed any sign that she would commit suicide.

He said, “Her mother called her but she couldn’t say anything and was just crying on the phone. The mother kept calling her line but later could not get through again; so, she sent someone to check on her. The person found her on the floor writhing in pain. We had to quickly call the office and rushed her to hospital.

“We all know that when you come late here, you will be suspended for a few days without payment. But I don’t see any reason why such an issue should make her commit suicide.”

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