Why Ailing Veterans In Nollywood Don't Get Financial Help - Actor Akin Lewis Reveals.

Why Ailing Veterans In Nollywood Don't Get Financial Help - Actor Akin Lewis Reveals.

Actor Akin Lewis has shed light on why so many sick veterans have died as a result of not obtaining financial support when they needed it.

In an interview with Tribune, veteran actor Akin Lewis said:

"First and foremost, I must say I feel very sorry for whoever falls into such a situation; it is not nice to die or fall sick like that, so I don’t wish it for anybody. Having said that, I need to say and I am going to say very boldly, that this profession has no retirement benefits; this profession has no gratuity or pension. So, what does that tell you? You begin to save up. On every project you do, save up! It is as simple as that.

It is because we are in the ‘eye of the tiger’ so to speak, people die in this country like that every day. Just like that! The economy is bad, we don’t even have health insurance that works very well, and the one that is working, people don’t trust it and these are the things we need to do to keep fit. Above all, you need to save up. I used to tell my younger fellows, save up! I don’t care if you earn just N5,000, save N1,000 from there. God is helping me, I have a sister who helped me with that."

I pray nobody has a disease that cannot be cured and you need so much money to treat. But the truth is, every man really needs to speak for himself. What you earn, you earn for yourself. The reason people really need help most times is that they don’t have anything to fall back on. Nigerians are not that good, nobody is good except God, but we are not quick to give. We even give for flimsy things than for real things. A boy says to his mother ‘Mummy calm down’, as he was being beaten; someone gave him 10 million Naira. Another person came from Big Brother Naija, won so much money, goes to the governor, he gave him five million naira and a whole bungalow and I was like what is this? The guy just won 38 or 56 million; anyway, that is how it is.

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