"Baba Ijesha Began Crying And Blaiming The Devil For Pushing Him To Do It" Iyabo Ojo Speaks On R*pe Scandal.

"Baba Ijesha Began Crying And Blaiming The Devil For Pushing Him To Do It" Iyabo Ojo Speaks On R*pe Scandal.

Actor Olanrewaju Omiyinka, better known by his stage name Baba Ijesha, has confessed to raping a fourteen-year-old girl.

According to Iyabo Ojo, an actress, businesswoman, and single mother of two, the actor admitted to the crime after being caught in the act, blaming his conduct on the devil.

“Baba Ijesha is guilty!!!! He has confessed and admitted to the crime…I watched the CCTV footage, I saw him licking the victim and touching her all over and then he sent her to the kitchen to get him water and followed her there to complete the job and that was when the police came in to arrest him. He began crying and blaming the devil for pushing him to do it…….see, this issue has been on even before it reached the media, we were only waiting for the court’s judgement until it became full-blown” Iyabo Ojo said this in an Instagram live video in which she criticized actor Yomi Fabiyi for siding with Baba Ijesha.

Remember how Comedian Princess exposed famous Yoruba actor Baba Ijesha for rapping her foster daughter, a teenager, in a long emotional video? She described how Baba Ijesha performed the heinous acts while seeking aid at her home.

Recalling how she caught him on CCTV, Princess said “When he came in he saw me and the camera installers, then he asked who they were but I said they were from a cable company. I told him that I was going out and I will stay long so he should relax. In two seconds that I had left the house, he checked everywhere in my house to ensure that no one was home or the children were sleeping. He checked the whole house for cameras, then he started. I cannot even begin to say the things that he did. My body was shaking because we were monitoring it on the phone. At a point when she stood up to go to the kitchen, I knew that there was no camera in the kitchen so people came in and we called the police. The police came immediately to pick him up.

“I asked him, Lanre, what did I do to you. Because you know I do not have a child, people kept these children in my care so that I will not over-think and you did this to me. He said that I was his benefactor but it was the devil. He was just talking rubbish. I asked him what happened seven years ago but he was just begging me. They took him away. Every day we go to the police station from morning till night. Ever since it happened I cannot sleep. Some people called trying to threaten me.” Comedian Princess concluded.

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