"I Am The Owner Of My Body, I Can Do What I Want With It" Ronke Oshodi Reacts To Husband Snatching Allegations. (Video)

"I Am The Owner Of My Body, I Can Do What I Want With It" Ronke Oshodi Reacts To Husband Snatching Allegations. (Video)

Ronke Oshodioke, a well-known Nigerian actress, was recently moved to react on social media after being accused of being with someone else's husband.

It all began when the movie star responded to Baba Ijesha's continuing legal battle with the police over allegations that he raped a minor.

On social media, Oshodioke denounced the act, and an Instagram user with the username @don syd accused her and her female colleagues of hypocrisy.

In a lengthy comment on the actress's page, Don Syd stated that they should have channeled this energy during the EndSARS campaign. He accused them of not being better than Baba Ijesha for openly opposing him.

According to the unnamed source, several of these actresses' background checks will reveal that they were sleeping with other women's husbands in order to amass wealth and flaunt it online.

Don Syd went on to say that some of them had even deliberately sold out people by endorsing politicians.

A screenshot of his comment is shown below:

Ronke quickly responded to the remark in a viral video. Don Syd, according to the movie star, is devoid of common sense.

The Baba Ijesha situation, she claims, had nothing to do with politics or EndSARS. She confessed to lobbying for a candidate and stated that she publicly apologized for doing so.

All had faith in the government before being disappointed, according to the movie star. Baba Ijesha's case, according to Oshodioke, should be publicly condemned because it was unfair for a 48-year-old man to be with a 14-year-old girl in the manner in which he was accused.

She went on to say that no mother would ever remain silent on such a matter. Finally, she answered the claim that she had snatched someone's man.

Oshodioke inquired if she had ever gone to meet a man in order to woo him, and if so, was he compelled to accept?

Ronke ended her video by stating that she was the owner of her body and that she could do anything she wanted with it.

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