Actress Joke Jigan Lay Curses On Yomi Fabiyi Over New Movie 'Oko Iyabo' Says "How Dare You"

Actress Joke Jigan Lay Curses On Yomi Fabiyi Over New Movie 'Oko Iyabo' Says "How Dare You"

Joke Jigan, an actress, has cursed Yomi Fabiyi over his latest film named 'Oko Iyabo' on her official Instagram page.

Yomi Fabiyi is one of the few people who have spoken out against Iyabo Ojo and Princess in the aftermath of the charges made against Baba Ijesha.

The activist decided to make a film to explain the tale of the claims made against Baba Ijesha, which has since been a topic of conversation on social media.

Joke Jigan and other actors, on the other hand, have resorted to Instagram to curse, degrade, and humiliate Yomi over his new film.

“Uncle Yomi … you are a mad man… i say this with my full chest!! Ko de ni Benshon fun yin sir!!! @realyomifabiyi @realyomifabiyi @realyomifabiyi how dare you???? That movie will not sell, it’s none of my Bussiness who you have issues with, but you making a whole stupid movie out of this???? You are nothing but a CLOUTINA! MAD MAN!!!” Joke Jigan wrote.

See some reactions below...

@bosealaoo wrote “So sad ,I can’t even open YouTube, nomatter what he tries to preach, this is not the right time @olekutv this is not fair. Mimicking the footage released is all shade of wrong . This is someone’s Child bro Yomi, @realyomifabiyi is not cool”

@iam_alesh wrote “Abeg I agree with you … werey alaso ni won to be precise…”

@Temitope Solaja wrote; “I am not one to speak out of place, but there are issues one must not keep quiet on. This is one of those issues. Yomi Fabiyi today proved just how much of a shame he is. Under no circumstances should someone’s pain and tribulation be turned into a thing of mockery. You have proven with this act that you are uncultured, lack empathy, and you remain the face of what is wrong with Nigeria today when it comes to sexual molestation. This movie is shameful and is not a work of art. If you had any self respect and dignity you would take it down ASAP. For someone who claims to be a father, I am disappointed in youyou know you’ve been blocked a long time ago, so I don’t need to tag you. Do the needful” 

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