Actress Laide Bakare And Kemi Afolabi Finally Make Peace Days After Fighting Over Sugar Boy, Gida.

Actress Laide Bakare And Kemi Afolabi Finally Make Peace Days After Fighting Over Sugar Boy, Gida.

After fighting for days over a colleague, Gida, who was said to be their sugar boy, Nollywood actress Kemi Afolabi and her best friend Laide Bakare have reconciled.

Kemi Afolabi slammed her colleague, Laide Bakare on Instagram on Friday, August 27, calling her delusional, crazy, and an attention seeker.

“Fine girl kemo, delusional low self-esteem attention seeker say na she give me stardom werey Alaso….Ta lo ni Twinnie isonu! Yinmu Se Kemi ALAGBARA wa kere ni? TGIF..wey dem? Dem no reach” Kemi Afolabi wrote.

And in response, Nollywood actress, Laide Bakare wrote “No matter what hatters say or do. Can never ever reach ME, Abi eleyi Fe Te ni ? Who you be? #laidebakare is your forefather MOTHER, I’m too Big for some kin nonsense, miss wereyy. Who be your Twinee?? Alaye baje … You wey be like Man!!!!”

Laide Bakare denied claims that she is feuding with Kemi Afolabi in an Instagram statement, stating she would never descend to the level of fighting over a man in the Nollywood industry.

Laide claims that she only met Gida a few times while working on film sets. She went on to argue that the stereotypes of women fighting for men are absurd.

The two Nollywood actors have reconciled, with Kemi Afolabi wishing Laide Bakare a happy new month and declaring that she is her best friend on Instagram.

She wrote: "Happy new month my beautiful #twinnie @laidebakare and #KemiAfolabi lovers worldwide."

Laide Bakare responded to the post by expressing her admiration for Kemi Afolabi and claiming that she would never say anything negative about her.

She also advised their admirers to never believe hearsay unless it comes directly from the horse's mouth, and to remember that people are evil.

She wrote: "Oremi Twinee mi I love and you know it. Guys learn a lesson from this. People are wicked, never listen to ORO EYIN. unless it’s from the horse's Mouth. I can say bad things About Anota Oluwakemi. #peacetotheworld/"

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