"The Economy Has Collapsed, People Are Living In Hardship And Hunger" - Actress Dayo Amusa.

"The Economy Has Collapsed, People Are Living In Hardship And Hunger" - Actress Dayo Amusa.

There is a lot of hardship in the country, with food prices rising on a daily basis, causing hardship and hunger among the people.

Even Nollywood celebrities who are known to 'form' living the good life have complained bitterly about their inability to buy enough food despite spending a lot of money on them.

In fact, there aren't many people who earn money legally who will say with a straight face that the economy isn't taking a nasty bite.

Dayo Amusa stated unequivocally in a recent Instagram post that the economy has collapsed and that many people are now "living in hardship and hunger."

The well-known actress isn't afraid to speak up against situations that have caused individuals to suffer.

She wrote;

“The level of hustle this days is no joke or child’s play. The economy is dea d people are seriously living in hardship and hunger.

How did we get here sef I wish and pray for more grace to do more than I do

Home Calling” 

See reactions below...

fancyprincess09: “Auntie Dayo, My own annoyance is why increasing price and at the same time reducing the content of commodity? Shey na government cause this one too? For example Hollandia Evap popular price was 30naira now it’s sold for 100naira and yet nothing dey inside”.

ajoke_beauties: “Wahalai,it hasn’t been easy­čśóbut i pray God continues to come through for us”.

aduke_luxury: “You can say that again…… how did we get here. May God help us”.

tokunbobaboon: “So u know …ppls till feel or think it’s a joke the worst is that social media and fake life ppls and yeyecelebrities are still making ppls not to blv that the country called Nigeria is in a big mess”.

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