Yoruba Actor Yomi Fabiyi In Tears As His Visit His Mum’s Grave

Yoruba Actor Yomi Fabiyi In Tears As His Visit His Mum’s Grave

Popular actor Yomi Fabiyi, a Nollywood actor, has released images of himself Beside his mother's grave 

Popular actor Yomi Fabiyi, who shared images of his visit to his mother's cemetery on Instagram, said he sobs a river every time he remembers the day his mother died.

Yomi said that his mother's death had been four years ago, but it was still fresh in his mind.

I'm remembering that day when you left. I sobbed uncontrollably. 4 years later, and it's still fresh in my mind.

Popular actor Yomi Fabiyi captioned a photo of himself and his mother on Instagram, saying that nothing could ever replace his mother in his heart or the love he has for her.

Popular actor Yomi Fabiyi went on to say that he still feels his mother's love and protection to this day, and that he has benefited from his mother's good actions to others on several occasions.

In his words, you left us MUM on this day in 2018. Nothing will ever be able to take your place in my heart or replace the love I have for you. You are a SMALL god to me. Mothers should reach the age of 90 on a good day before succumbing to death. Mothers suffer too much from their children, husbands, relatives, heartbreaks, and so on, causing some to leave prematurely as a result of all of this, depriving them the opportunity to fully enjoy the fruits of their labors. But I'm not allowed to question God.

Until now, I've felt your motherly love and protection every day. When you were alive, I benefited from your good actions to others. You keep battling and defending me from great risks, blackmail, falsehoods, horrors, and wars. I adore you, maami, and I pray that you continue to REST IN POWER. Toto abiyamo abiyamo abiyamo abiyamo oku olomo o kin sun, really.

If you ever return to me through one of my future female offspring, I will give her the names FOLAWE, IYABO, and MORENIKEJI in your honor and remembrance. I'll never forget who you are. I love you, mommy mi, and until we meet again, I will adore you. Pe gbogbo e n zeh nibi ti e wa, and hope pe gbogbo e n zeh nibi ti e wa? kolu nbo cardi se awon? YomiFabiyi, though, is bizza bizza. Your devoted son.

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