Actress Foluke Daramola-Salako Reveals How Being R*ped Influenced His Responsibilities As A Mother.

Actress Foluke Daramola-Salako Reveals How Being R*ped Influenced His Responsibilities As A Mother.

Foluke Daramola, a popular actress &producer, made a bold step a few yrs ago when she confessed in an interview that she was r*ped at a young age. And, according to d actress, the ordeal has had a significant impact on how she has raised her 13-yr-old daughter.

"When it comes to sex, I always inform my daughter about how certain guys maybe. Even when I'm not present, she warns men when they try to touch her in a way she doesn't like. When she is harassed by a male, she tells me. She is currently out of the country, and people frequently phone me to inquire about how I taught her.

"I couldn't talk about sex with my mother when I was a young lady, and I still can't because of the orientation I had as a child." Because we are friends, if my daughter is deflowered today, she will inform me. I started talking about sex education with my kid when she was six years old; I didn't think it was too early because she grew so quickly.

"My tenant assaulted me because he mistook me for someone older than I was." "Because I have educated my daughter, I am comfortable with her being among guys," she explained.

Daramola stated that r*pists should not be spared & that perpetrators should face the death penalty.

"I think that the government should adopt a law forbidding r*pe, and that r*pists should be executed if they are apprehended. I refer to myself as a r*pe victor rather than a rape victim. R*pe victims become shadows of themselves; they have no self-esteem,& some even commit themselves. "I thank God I had friends who helped me recover quickly when it occurred to me." Individuals were surprised when I said that, but I'm glad that following my interview, people began to speak up about their experiences. It's been going on for a while; it's just that no one is talking about it. Abusers are always victims of abuse. I'd encourage parents to constantly pay attention to and listen to their children.

Daramola continued to speak about her active engagement in politics and lobbying, saying that she would rather participate in politics and assure beneficial changes in the entertainment industry than make films from which she might not benefit.

"I'm taking my time when it comes to running for political office; I don't want to go in without a plan." I still make movies, but I can't keep working if I don't have anything to show for it.

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