“I am trying, but I am tired” – Actor, Ibrahim Chatta

“I am trying, but I am tired” – Actor, Ibrahim Chatta

Ibrahim Chatta, a well-known actor in the Yoruba movie industry, recently posted a picture of himself on his Instagram page along with a caption expressing his weariness with life and a plea for divine intervention. The post garnered a range of reactions from fans, colleagues, and followers.

Many fans expressed concern and offered words of encouragement to the actor, urging him to take things easy and take care of himself. Some fans even offered prayers for the actor, hoping for a breakthrough in his financial and spiritual life. One fan even recited a prayer in Arabic, asking for God's mercy and help for Chatta.

Despite the concerns expressed by fans, some fans also acknowledged Chatta's hard work and contributions to the industry. One fan commented on Chatta for his efforts in building a film village with indigenous settings, costumes, sets, and animals such as horses. The fan praised Chatta for his contribution to the future of indigenous film in Nigeria and expressed admiration for his work ethic.

Chatta's post is a reminder that even successful and accomplished individuals may face challenges and difficulties in their personal lives. However, the outpouring of support from fans and followers shows the importance of community and solidarity during difficult times.

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