“i Have Learned More In The Streets Than In Any Classroom” Singer Portable

“i Have Learned More In The Streets Than In Any Classroom” Singer Portable

Portable Omolalomi, a popular street singer in Nigeria, has been making headlines again, this time for praising his own survival instincts. Known for his controversial and often confrontational personality, Portable reflected on his life and declared that he has learned more on the streets than in any classroom. He boasted that he is still smarter than those in the zoo and that his future is in God's hands.

Despite his frequent involvement in beef and fights, Portable does not see himself as a survivor, but rather as a warrior. He believes that his fighting spirit has been with him since childhood and has helped him overcome many obstacles. The father of four has often cited his humble beginnings and his journey to success, which he achieved through sheer determination and hard work.

In a recent interview with Timi Agbaje, Portable revealed why he engages in social media brawls. According to him, he wants to protect his hard-earned money and does not want anyone to rip him off. He also advised others to speak up and not remain silent when they are cheated.

Portable gained widespread fame after the release of his hit song "Zazu Zeh" in December 2021, which features Olamide and Poco Lee. Despite his controversial reputation, Portable has a loyal following of fans who appreciate his authenticity and unique style.

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