See Nollywood Star Bukunmi Oluwashina Bold Advice To Men must

See Nollywood Star Bukunmi Oluwashina Bold Advice To Men must

Bukunmi Oluwashina, a renowned Nollywood actress and movie producer, took to her Instagram page to offer a piece of powerful advice to men who are dealing with cheating partners. According to Bukunmi, men should not break up or divorce their partner if they get pregnant from extramarital affairs. Instead, they should fight for their partners, forgive them, and welcome the child with love.

Bukunmi emphasized that men are the heads of the family and should make efforts to build their homes and families. She warned them to be cautious of girls who might sleep with them and dump them. She advised men to protect themselves and their pride by not being readily available whenever a girl calls.

She further urged men not to leave their partners for fear of being with someone worse. Instead, they should fight for their homes and women. Bukunmi also highlighted the importance of forgiveness and moving on from past mistakes.

In her post, Bukunmi encouraged men to welcome their partner's child and build their homes and families with love. She reiterated that nobody is above mistakes and that men should make efforts to protect their families and their homes.

Finally, Bukunmi admonished men to pray for their cheating partners and seek spiritual help if necessary. She encouraged them not to hesitate to enter the war room and seek God's intervention. In conclusion, Bukunmi's advice to men shows the importance of forgiveness, fighting for one's family, and seeking spiritual guidance in times of trouble.

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