Moyo Lawal Defies Father's Wish, Pulls Off Surprise On His 70th Birthday

Moyo Lawal Defies Father's Wish, Pulls Off Surprise On His 70th Birthday

Moyo Lawal's Surprise Birthday Bash Brings Tears to Her Father's Eyes

Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal orchestrated a heartwarming surprise for her father on his birthday, leaving him teary-eyed with her grand gesture.

Despite her father's wish to have no party, Moyo Lawal went against his request and organized a surprise lunch celebration for him. Sharing glimpses of the event on her Instagram page, Moyo Lawal expressed her belief that nothing compares to bringing joy to one's family.

In one of the slides, she reminisced about her childhood, dancing with her father as he prepared for work, evoking a wave of nostalgia. Moyo Lawal couldn't resist joining in the dance and making the moment even more memorable.

On her father's birthday, Moyo Lawal had previously penned a touching note, urging her fans to pray for him and send him birthday wishes. Expressing deep gratitude to God for her father's health, she prayed for his continued well-being, fulfillment, and happiness.

Although her father's official birthday was on May 2nd, Moyo Lawal extended the celebrations throughout a three-day birthday weekend. She promised to share more highlights from the festivities soon, allowing her fans to join in the joyous moments.

Moyo Lawal's heartwarming surprise and dedication to making her father's birthday memorable exemplify the strong bond and love within their family.

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