Davido Claims He and Wizkid Paved the Way for Afrobeats, Refers to Burna Boy and Others as 'New Cats' (Video)

Davido Claims He and Wizkid Paved the Way for Afrobeats, Refers to Burna Boy and Others as 'New Cats' (Video)

In a recent interview with Brut, Nigerian music sensation Davido boldly attributed himself and his fellow artist Wizkid for laying the foundation that propelled Afrobeats music to international recognition and popularity. This statement has ignited a significant controversy among music enthusiasts both in Nigeria and abroad.

Davido, renowned for his hit single "Timeless," asserted that he and Wizkid were the pioneers who paved the way for the global embrace of Afrobeat music, preceding what he referred to as the "new cats" in the industry. He claimed that Grammy-winning artist Burna Boy, along with other rising stars such as Rema, Fireboy, Asake, and Mayorkun, have benefitted from the groundwork they laid.

While acknowledging the success and talent of the emerging artists, Davido expressed satisfaction that the future of Afrobeat music is secure due to the exceptional quality of music produced by the "new cats."

As Davido stated, "Everybody knows that I was one of the first, me and Wizkid, to blow up. It feels good also seeing that the new cats coming up; like Burna Boy, Rema, Fireboy, Asake, and Mayorkun." His remarks have stirred a heated debate within the music community, with contrasting opinions on the extent of his and Wizkid's influence and the contributions made by the younger generation of artists.

This discussion has opened up an intriguing dialogue about the evolution of Afrobeats, its roots, and the collective efforts of various artists in shaping its global impact. While some applaud Davido for his candid acknowledgement of his and Wizkid's role, others argue that the growth and success of the genre have been a collaborative effort involving numerous talents.

The ongoing controversy showcases the dynamic nature of the music industry, where artists' contributions and influences are constantly debated and dissected. Regardless of differing opinions, it is undeniable that Davido's statement has sparked a fervent discussion that further propels the recognition and appreciation of Afrobeats on a global scale.

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