Davido's Newest Pregnant Baby Mama Desperately Pleads for Help Amidst Terrifying Bleeding

Davido's Newest Pregnant Baby Mama Desperately Pleads for Help Amidst Terrifying Bleeding

Ivana Bay, one of the pregnant baby mamas of renowned Nigerian singer David Adeleke, widely known as Davido, has reached out for assistance as she faces a distressing situation of bleeding.

Currently in the emergency ward, Ivana took to her Instagram story to share her plight and plead for help amid her alarming condition. She revealed waking up with excruciating stomach pain that permeated throughout her entire body, all while enduring continuous bleeding.

Expressing her anguish, she wrote, "I just woke up with the biggest pain ever in my stomach but I can feel it through my entire body... While I keep bleeding, I can't stop crying right now... I am going to the emergency."

It's worth recalling that Ivana Bay and Anita Brown previously caused an online stir when they accused Davido of impregnating them and subsequently pressuring them to have abortions. The allegations ignited a firestorm of controversy, with many criticizing Davido for infidelity towards his partner, Chioma, while others steadfastly supported the singer.

Ivana, on her part, shared screenshots of her purported conversations with Davido on Instagram and WhatsApp, which revolved around her pregnancy. Expressing her disappointment, she questioned the number of baby mamas Davido might have, jokingly wondering if they could form a soccer team. She also cautioned women to exercise caution in their relationships.

In a subsequent post, the Paris-based real estate agent disclosed how Davido attempted to coerce her into signing a confidentiality agreement. Ivana alleged that the singer had almost succeeded in getting her to sign the agreement without her knowledge and the involvement of a lawyer. However, she astutely recognized his deceit and claimed that Davido had offered her N10,000 in exchange for signing the agreement.

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