Lady Takes Aim At Flavour's Outfit, Declares Fear Of Dating Igbo Men - He Respond

Lady Takes Aim At Flavour's Outfit, Declares Fear Of Dating Igbo Men - He Respond

Renowned musician Chinedu Okoli, known by his stage name Flavour, becomes the subject of criticism when a female Twitter user expresses her disapproval of his fashion choices. Flavour recently shared a video of himself confidently wearing an open V-neck black shirt paired with flashy red net trousers, showcasing his suave and masculine style.

However, this outfit didn't sit well with the female Twitter user, who wasted no time sharing her negative opinion. She voiced her dislike for Flavour's ensemble and surprisingly revealed that such fashion choices were a significant factor in her hesitancy about entering a romantic relationship with an Igbo man, presumably referring to Flavour's Igbo heritage.

In her own words, she expressed concern about the possibility of an Igbo man dressing similarly and appearing serious about it, which raised reservations in her mind.

Responding to the lady's comment, Flavour maintains a calm demeanor and simply reassures her with the words, "You will be fine." His brief response reflects his composure and indicates that he is not deterred by the criticism and remains confident in his style choices.

The Twitter exchange sparks discussions among users, with some supporting Flavour's fashion choices and others empathizing with the lady's concerns. As the conversation unfolds, it highlights the impact of public figures' fashion sense and the power of social media in sparking conversations and debates on various topics, even those seemingly unrelated to the initial post.

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