"At over 92 years old, he can still do 'tatata,'" actress Tawa Ajisefini says as she shares a video of her father.

"At over 92 years old, he can still do 'tatata,'" actress Tawa Ajisefini says as she shares a video of her father.

In a delightful and heartwarming video that has recently surfaced, the 92-year-old father of Nigerian actress Tawa Ajesefinni has showcased his jovial spirit while reacting to adoring messages from his daughter's female fans.

The shared video captures a heartwarming interaction between the actress and her elderly father. In the video, the actress is seen guiding her father to extend greetings to her enthusiastic fans and followers. What's more, she playfully discloses that some of her female admirers have confessed their admiration for her father and even harbored crushes on him.

With a twinkle in his eye, the 92-year-old gentleman responds to his daughter's revelation in a light-hearted manner. He humorously suggests that if these fans are willing to take the plunge and marry him, they'll find themselves enjoying his company, emphasizing that he's still remarkably active despite his age.

Taking to her own words, the actress shared her joy at having spent time with her father recently. In a touching caption accompanying the video, she expressed her surprise at discovering her father's newfound admirers and playfully referred to him as a "clown." She lauded his vitality, highlighting his ability to perform energetic actions even at his advanced age.

The actress also extended her heartfelt wishes for her father's well-being, invoking blessings upon him. She took the opportunity to express her gratitude for the opportunity to be in his presence and referred to him as her "biological father."

The heartwarming video has garnered widespread attention, with the actress's friends, colleagues, and fans showering it with reactions. Many lightheartedly admitted that they would readily marry her father if given the chance, showcasing the charisma and charm of the 92-year-old.

As this heartening interaction continues to circulate online, the enduring bond between the actress and her father resonates with viewers, celebrating the joy of family and the ability to find humor and affection even in unexpected moments. Stay tuned for more heartwarming stories and updates from the world of entertainment.

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