"Mohbad Dad And Mum Needs To Come Together To Be One On This Matter" Cute Abiola Says As He Visits Mohbad's Mother

"Mohbad Dad And Mum Needs To Come Together To Be One On This Matter" Cute Abiola Says As He Visits Mohbad's Mother

Popular comic actor turned politician, Lawyer Kunle, known as Cute Abiola, has taken a significant step in the wake of Mohbad's tragic passing by visiting the late singer's mother at her Lagos residence to offer his condolences and support.

Cute Abiola emphasized the immediate need to reconcile Mohbad's estranged parents, recognizing that unity between them is crucial before seeking justice for the departed musician.

In a heartfelt message shared by Cute Abiola, he stressed the importance of both the father and mother coming together to resolve their differences. He revealed that the mother had shared her perspective, mentioning that she had not been together with the father for approximately 15 years. Cute Abiola expressed exhaustion from his efforts and dedication to the family during this trying time.

He criticized those conducting interviews with Mohbad's father, pointing out the need for sensitivity and understanding of the father's emotional state. Cute Abiola underscored that the pursuit of justice for Mohbad takes precedence over any other concerns, including property matters.

Cute Abiola revealed his ongoing attempts to bridge the gap between the parents and urged them to unite for the sake of their late son. He confirmed that both parties would soon come together, although he refrained from specifying when, emphasizing the importance of a discreet approach.

The actor and politician closed with a passionate call for justice for Mohbad, asserting that those responsible for the singer's demise would not escape accountability. He concluded with the hashtag #JusticeForMohbad, signifying the importance of this cause.

Cute Abiola's involvement in promoting reconciliation and justice has garnered appreciation from many, shedding light on the complexities of the situation and the pressing need for unity within the family. Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story.

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