Mohbad's Sister-in-Law Warns VeryDarkMan With N300M Lawsuit Over DNA Test Demand

Mohbad's Sister-in-Law Warns VeryDarkMan With N300M Lawsuit Over DNA Test Demand

The ongoing dispute between VeryDarkMan and the late Mohbad's family regarding a DNA test has taken a more contentious turn. In response, the artist's sister-in-law has issued a warning, and there is now the looming threat of a N300 million defamation lawsuit.

Legal experts emphasize the importance of adhering to proper legal procedures and channels to effectively and justly resolve such matters. Defamation claims carry serious legal implications, and it is essential for all parties involved to address these issues through established legal processes to ensure fair and lawful outcomes.

In related news, the sudden and tragic death of Nigerian singer Mohbad has left the nation in shock. As details surrounding his passing continue to emerge, a contentious topic has emerged: some Nigerians are calling for a DNA test on his child.

Mohbad's body was recently exhumed for autopsy, leaving the public yearning for answers about the circumstances of his demise. Amidst this turmoil, rumors have started circulating, with some netizens questioning the paternity of the child he shared with his wife before his untimely death.

Actress Mary Njoku, known for her candid beliefs, joined the debate with a strong opinion. She expressed her disapproval on her Instagram story, berating those who were asking a mourning woman to submit her child for a DNA test.

She emphatically stated that such a request was pure evil, particularly considering the grieving widow had just lost her husband, her child's father, her helper, and protector of over a decade. She urged people to show empathy and support to the mourning widow during this challenging time.

Mary Njoku's words resonated with many Nigerians who found the request for a DNA test during a period of mourning to be insensitive and called for justice for Mohbad while respecting the family's grieving process.

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