Nigerian Doctor Explains "Fresh Blood" Discovery in Late Mohbad's Exhumed Grave

Nigerian Doctor Explains "Fresh Blood" Discovery in Late Mohbad's Exhumed Grave

A popular Nigerian doctor on Twitter, Aproko Doctor, has offered potential reasons for the discovery of 'fresh blood' in the grave of the late singer Mohbad, which was exhumed on September 21. Some Nigerians who visited the site after the exhumation reported finding fresh blood, sparking questions about how this could occur eight days after burial.

Aproko Doctor explained that blood appears red due to a compound called hemoglobin, responsible for carrying oxygen in the body. When blood is exposed to air, the cells carrying hemoglobin die, causing the blood to change color to a darker hue. This transformation occurs as hemoglobin converts to another compound called methemoglobin.

In the normal course of events, when people pass away, their blood remains in their system, though circulation has ceased. Even during embalming, not all of the blood can be removed, leaving some behind.

The intriguing question arises: why was the blood still red? Aproko Doctor suggested that in a sealed environment such as a grave, there is limited exposure to air. This reduced air exposure may explain why the hemoglobin does not change color as rapidly as it would in the open.

As for the extent of the blood found, Aproko Doctor noted that without physical access to the body, it's challenging to determine if other injuries may have caused blood to leak out. Notably, Mohbad's neck was in an unnatural position to fit in the coffin, which could have potentially damaged blood vessels.

Aproko Doctor concluded by acknowledging the limitations of speculation, emphasizing that individuals directly examining the body would have more accurate insights. The discovery of fresh blood in Mohbad's grave remains a puzzling and intriguing mystery.

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