"As soon as I started making money, I became more human than religious," - Omah Lay

"As soon as I started making money, I became more human than religious," - Omah Lay

Nigerian singer Omah Lay has caused a buzz online after a recent interview where he revealed his disinterest in religion. The 'Damn' singer openly admitted that he used to be religious, but his perspective shifted as he gained fame and wealth, leading to a decline in his religious commitment.

Omah Lay shared insights into his upbringing in a Christian household and the period in his life when he considered converting to Islam. While he no longer identifies with a specific religious belief, he emphasized his continued belief in God. However, he has chosen to prioritize humanity over religious affiliations. He expressed respect for his Creator and acknowledged God's presence but revealed his lack of enjoyment in organized religion.

To underscore his perspective, Omah Lay asserted that there is no concrete evidence to prove that the holy books were directly written by God or His servants. He stated, "I think as soon as I made money, I just switched. I just believed in God and respected God and became more human than religious. I just don't enjoy religion anymore. I grew up in a Christian home, spent a lot of time in church, and at some point, I was going to convert to Islam. But now I'm at a point where it's just me and God, no religion."

His statements have stirred mixed reactions online, with some pointing out the connection between religious affiliation and socioeconomic status.

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