Dammy Krane Unleashes Diss Track Against Davido Over Unpaid Debt

Dammy Krane Unleashes Diss Track Against Davido Over Unpaid Debt

Nigerian singer Dammy Krane is gearing up to release a diss track aimed at music superstar Davido as their feud escalates. This dispute originated from Dammy Krane's claims that Davido owed him money and his plea for Davido to settle his debt for the sake of his daughter's school fees.

Davido responded by recounting how he had helped Dammy Krane when he was homeless, even offering him shelter and food in Atlanta. He mentioned that Dammy Krane had recorded three verses in one of his songs without charge.

In retaliation, Dammy Krane clarified that Davido's assistance was primarily linked to a Sony Music deal, which later fell through. He also made veiled references to the series of deaths associated with Davido.

Taking the conflict to a new level, Dammy Krane announced on Twitter that he's preparing to release a diss track titled 'Owe Owe One' directed at Davido. In his lyrics, he addresses the debt issue and emphasizes the need for Davido to pay what he owes.

For over a year, Dammy Krane has claimed that Davido never compensated him for their previous hit song, "Pere." He stated that he attempted to contact Davido privately without success and resorted to addressing the matter publicly.

To intensify the feud, Dammy Krane shared an official portrait mocking Davido's 30BG (30 Billion Gang) and even questioned if Davido owed money to their mutual colleague, Tekno. Dammy Krane also alleged that Davido had sent individuals to assault him and presented photos as evidence.

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