"Hope You Can Handle This" Reaction As Portable Unveil New Artist After Yung Duu Left Zeh Nation

"Hope You Can Handle This" Reaction As Portable Unveil New Artist After Yung Duu Left Zeh Nation

In a surprising twist in the Nigerian music scene, Portable, the record label owner, has extended a warm welcome to a new artist following a highly publicized online feud with his former signee, Young Duu.

Young Duu's departure from Portable's record label, Zeh nation, made significant waves, and he wasted no time introducing a fresh talent shortly after returning from Europe.

Portable shared a video clip on his social media platforms, offering a sneak peek of the exciting collaboration between him and the newly welcomed artist. The video shows them vibing to a song, hinting at the possibility of an unreleased tune from the talented newcomer. This partnership underscores Portable's determination to continue making music and explore new horizons in the industry.

The development follows a complex relationship Portable had with his former signee, Young Duu. Their conflicts have been well-documented, including incidents dating back to October 11th when Portable expressed frustration over Young Duu's behavior, stating it had become too much to handle.

On October 6th, Portable also made headlines for expressing regret over buying a car for Young Duu. He revealed that Young Duu had not been profitable since signing with the label and even claimed that Young Duu had brought bad luck, including a near-fatal car accident. Portable's grievances didn't end there; he accused Young Duu of being unsupportive and causing discord among fellow artists on the label.

According to Portable, Young Duu often failed to congratulate other label artists on their milestones, fostering an unhealthy atmosphere within the record label. These ongoing issues ultimately led to Young Duu's decision to part ways with Zeh nation. Now, with a new artist on board, Portable seems eager to move forward in the music industry.

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