"I Lost So Many Movie Roles Because They Said I Am Not Beautiful" Funke Akindele Opens Up on Her Career Journey.

"I Lost So Many Movie Roles Because They Said I Am Not Beautiful" Funke Akindele Opens Up on Her Career Journey.

Renowned Nollywood actress Funke Akindele has recently shared some deeply personal and revealing insights about her journey in the entertainment industry and her tumultuous marriage.

During a candid conversation on Toke Makinwa's show, Funke disclosed that she had faced rejection early in her career due to her physical appearance. She spoke openly about how some filmmakers dismissed her from significant roles because they didn't consider her "beautiful" enough, citing the shape of her face as a reason. This constant rejection took a toll on her, and she often found herself relegated to minor parts. However, she also expressed her gratitude for the unwavering support of her colleague Iyabo Ojo, who stood up for her in moments of adversity.

On a separate occasion, Funke Akindele sat down with prominent media personality Chude Jideonwo to discuss her failed marriage to talent manager JJC Skillz. She candidly revealed that societal pressures had pushed her into a hasty marriage, driven by the desire to conform to expectations. Unfortunately, her marriage did not follow the fairy-tale script she had envisioned, leading to a highly publicized divorce. Funke acknowledged the fallout from her divorce, which included missed business opportunities and emotional anguish.

Despite the challenges she faced, Funke didn't allow these setbacks to define her. She credited her resilience to her mother's unwavering support, encouraging her to focus on her work and save diligently. Her mother's guidance became a lifeline during her darkest moments.

In offering advice to young women, Funke emphasized the importance of taking their time when it comes to relationships and marriage. Drawing from her own experiences, she cautioned against rushing into commitments, highlighting that her own haste had resulted in turmoil. Despite the pain and upheaval, Funke Akindele emerged stronger, proving that she could overcome obstacles and not let them shatter her spirit.

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