"Own Your Crude, Crass Behavior With Your Chests" Faith Morey Slams Iyabo Ojo

"Own Your Crude, Crass Behavior With Your Chests" Faith Morey Slams Iyabo Ojo

In the latest news, Nigerian model and reality star, Faith Morey, has strongly criticized her fellow actress and co-star, Iyabo Ojo, for what she claims are dishonest statements. This comes after Iyabo Ojo responded to the intense backlash she faced regarding her disputes with Faith Morey during Season 2 of Real Housewives of Lagos.

Iyabo Ojo defended herself by pointing out that reality shows are edited to fit a particular narrative and likened them to real-life situations, citing Mohbad as an example. She also disclosed that she had privately apologized to Faith. Iyabo argued that in the world of reality television, not everyone can play the role of a victim, enabler, or peacemaker.

However, Faith Morey disputed Iyabo's account, asserting that no apology had ever been extended to her. She emphasized that Real Housewives of Lagos is not scripted, and there are no guidelines from the producers dictating how the housemates should behave. Faith argued that Iyabo could not pretend to be someone she is not for five months, and she urged Iyabo to take responsibility for her unrefined and tactless behavior.

Faith Morey also pointed out that Iyabo Ojo had harbored ill feelings toward her from the very first day they met, and she accused Iyabo of trying to align with those who disliked her. Faith expressed her wish that the show's producers had shown the full picture and insisted that edits had even favored Iyabo. She concluded by urging Iyabo to stop downplaying the reality show.

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