Singer Timi Dakolo reveals he is not a gospel artist.

Singer Timi Dakolo reveals he is not a gospel artist.

In a recent interview on Cool FM Nigeria, Lagos, singer Timi Dakolo made it clear that he does not consider himself a gospel artist. Dakolo emphasized his diverse musical style, expressing that he cannot be confined to a specific genre.

Responding to the host's question about being categorized as a gospel musician, Dakolo stated, "I am not, by any chance. I always say to people, ‘Is there a gospel banker or architect?’ It is you that decided that is what you want to do. Art is art. I am just an artist. In fact, I am not an artist; I am a creator of art."

Dakolo highlighted the versatility of his music, citing examples like 'Great Nation' and 'Wish Me Well,' which he noted are not wedding songs. He further explained, "You cannot box my music into a particular genre. I am much more than a wedding singer. If you listen to my new album, you are going to hear that [my diversity]. ‘Men Of The South’ is a song about cultural pride."

He clarified that while he performs at gospel events, it's because of his Christian faith, not necessarily defining his entire music career. The singer's comments underscore his commitment to artistic freedom and the multifaceted nature of his musical expression.

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