Veteran Actor Yemi My Lover Speaks On Relationship With Tope Alabi

Veteran Actor Yemi My Lover Speaks On Relationship With Tope Alabi

Nollywood actor Yemi My Lover has revisited his connection with gospel singer Tope Alabi, revealing insights about their past and current relationship in an interview with Biola Bayo on "Talk To B." Yemi recounted their earlier times together, highlighting Tope Alabi's dedicated efforts to connect with him, even going the extra mile.

Yemi emphasized that Tope Alabi was one of the industry talents who passed through him, recalling moments when they visited her house in Oshodi and how her mother entrusted her care to him. Proudly stating he isn't an artist who engages in inappropriate behavior with colleagues, Yemi shared positive memories of their past association.

Regarding their current relationship, Yemi My Lover affirmed that they are good to each other. He acknowledged Tope Alabi's hardworking nature and musical gifts. Reflecting on his previous call-out where he accused Tope Alabi of neglecting him, Yemi clarified that it was out of love and later retracted his statements. Expressing satisfaction with what he has, Yemi apologized to Tope Alabi and emphasized that he holds no grudges against her. The actor's revelation sheds light on the complex dynamics of relationships within the entertainment industry.

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